State Leadership Conference (SLC)

State Leadership Conference (SLC) 2019

About SLC

SLC stands for State Leadership Conference. It is the second string of competition in which members from all over Georgia will compete in several competitive events. The conference will be in Atlanta and will take place from March 23-25, 2019. Members can participate in workshops, leadership training sessions, and obviously, compete in competitive events. There are Straight-to-State events that will automatically qualify you for SLC. While this seems easier to do, RLC is a great way to figure out what event you are good at and what event you want to do.
SLC will take more than one day and members will stay in a hotel. If you choose not to go to the conference but rather choose to just do a testing event that will be proctored at our school, the price is $75. If you are competing in a presentation event, you are required to go to the conference. The fees will be around $200. While this is a little on the expensive side, it is a great learning experience. If money is an issue, members can earn fee credits by volunteering or participating in certain projects. Ask an officer or an adviser for more information. Use the following link to sign up for your competitive events.

If members place in their SLC event, they are qualified to go to NLC

Hyatt Regency, Atlanta GA


More details will be announced soon

Register for SLC events here – NOT AVAILABLE


Hyatt Regency, Atlanta GA


March 23-25, 2018


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