The BAA program is an opportunity to get more involved in FBLA, your school, and community.  Completion of BAAs is recognized at the chapter, state, and national levels as you progress.  These are resume’ builder items that show involvement and achievement beyond the classroom. 

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  1. Get your BAA login from the notebok in any adviser’s room
  2. The Chapter # is 11617
  3. Login with the following link:
  4. Select your activities to complete
  5. Complete the activities as quickly as possible
  6. Notify an adviser by email that you are finished and request the login for the next level
  7. The adviser will approve or advise that you need to rework an activity

Completion of BAA levels is necessary to apply for local, region, state, and national officer positions.  Completion of BAAs also helps our chapter earn Chapter of the Year points.

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The FBLA Community Service Awards (CSA) recognizes FBLA members for their extraordinary commitment to community service.  Any type of community or school service may be added to this tracker — not limited to FBLA activities.

It has four levels of recognition, based on the cumulative number of hours a member contributes to community service activities:

  • CSA Community—50 hours
  • CSA Service—200 hours
  • CSA Achievement—500 hours
  • CSA hours are cumulative and build throughout an FBLA member’s career.

The Community and Service award winners receive a certificate of recognition, which the local chapter adviser prints when a CSA is submitted. The CSA Achievement awards are presented at the National Leadership Conference (NLC).

Login with the following link:

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