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FBLA is the co-curricular student organization for Business and Computer Science students, but is open to all students that wish to join. FBLA allows students to gain leadership skills by participating in chapter events (fundraisers, membership drives, community service), working on chapter teams (website management, promotion), becoming a chapter/region/state level officer, and competing in business and computer science events.  Students in the Programming & Computer Science Pathway and the Entrepreneurship & Human Resource Management Pathway will learn about and participate in FBLA activities in class. FBLA is the largest and oldest business student organization in the world!  

FBLA Senior Officers

Abhay Chilakamarri- President

Aki Talkad- Vice President of Membership

Shreya Singh- Vice President Projects

Katherine Hazelwood- Vice President Competition

Bhumi Patel- Vice President Middle School Outreach

Sameer Annavarapu- Reporter

Anuraag Agarwal- Treasurer

Raymond Qin- Parliamentarian

Claire West- Secretary

Ishika Saluja- Historian

Meher Ambati- VP Competition Deputy

Vibha Mohan- VP Membership Deputy

Tharini RK- Secretary Deputy

Kimia Kavanroodi- Deputy Reporter

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